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It's been a long time since our last blog (look at the next post and you will see that I am not exagerating). Over the last year we have been so busy that the website took a bit of a back stage as we got on with the business of making dresses. However, that cannot continue, and as such we have taken to decision to redesign our web presence from scratch. So starting today, it's my head on the chopping block. I have been locked in a dark cupboard and told that I am not allowed out until the site is complete. So before Grace turns the key and I get started on several weeks of work, I thought I would give you a quick preview of some of the new images by Archibald Photography which will be the highlight of the site (plus a new design, Kim, which we are really excited about).

Introducing 'Kim'..........

Kim Kim Kim

And a few of the old favourites.......

Although I have a long road ahead, I am so excited about the new website. Who wouldn't be when these are the images I have to work with.

So the next blog fromme will be on the new website. Hopefully sooner rather than later




If you read our blog regularly then you must get fed up with me constantly apologising for neglecting my blogging duties. Sometimes we honestly have very little news, other times it's just that we are too busy to think about keeping everyone up to date. So before we disappear for a festive break, some news...

Since our last blog just over a month ago Grace has been busy, busy, busy. She had a couple of dresses to be completed for winter wedding clients, plus there was the small matter of creating the new range of fifties inspired dresses in time for a promised launch early next year. We are delighted to let you see the fruits of her labour, the second and third dresses in the collection, just incase there is anyone out there looking for a 'stocking filler' on Saturday. No fancy photography, just a couple of snaps before we go on holiday.

Introducing 'Lucille'..........

Lucille, from the Manhattan Collection. Lucille, from the Manhattan Collection.

and 'Belle'.........

Belle, from the Manhattan Collection Belle, from the Manhattan Collection

I promise once we return from our holidays, we will waste no time in getting some quality shots taken of the dresses, but in the meantime I hope these will suffice.

So where can you see these new dresses in the coming months? Well you can always come up to the studio here in Abington, snow willing, and you will be welcomed with a nice little glass of 'bubbly' and a warm Scottish welcome. However at this time of the year you might want to travel a few less miles and save a few pounds on the petrol money. So to help you out we have arranged a number of trips this coming January and February. Lindsay Fleming Couture will be on the road and visiting the following towns:

Sunday 16th January, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow.

Friday 4th February to Sunday 6th February, Dolphin House, Pimlico, London

Saturday 19th February to Sunday 20th February, Designer Bridal Show, Highbury Hall, Birmingham

Sunday 27th February, Vintage Wedding Fair, St. Georges Hotel, Harrogate

Sandwiched in the above events you hopefully caught details on our next 'Roadshow'. This is where we bring all the dresses along to a venue, hopefully a little closer to where you live, and offer one-to-one consultations with Grace, the designer of our wonderful dresses. Each consultation lasts up to two hours, giving you plenty time to try on the dresses and talk 'vintage' or 'celtic' weddings until your heart is content. For details have a look at our 'Roadshow' page.

It's official!!! The sore heads have gone (see previous post), so let's get down to some serious blogging.

What's been happening over the past 10 days? Quite a lot actually. Last weekend was a rather busy one, with the small matter of another 'roadshow'. That's now our fourth trip to London this year, and things are going pretty well. If you have not heard about our 'roadshow' then basically, we pack up all the dresses into the back of the car and take a trip down our wonderful motorway system to a venue in London. There we offer consultations to b2b's who just can't make it up to Scotland to see the dresses. Gets us out of Abington and down to the bright lights too.

Our next show will be end January or beginning February, so if you fancy coming along, drop us an email.

We were also delighted to meet up with the delightful Emmie, owner of 'Little Miss Wedding', one of the UK's best bridal blog sites. How Emmie manages to keep up the blogging and hold down a job beats me. Check out 'Little Miss Wedding' here, or have a look at her Lindsay Fleming interview here.

Either side of our 'roadshow' were a couple of exciting meetings. One was to look at some fabric ideas for the new 'Manhattan Collection', due out early next year, and the other will hopefully lead to us showcasing the dresses in the Birmingham area next year. More news whenever we have it, I promise.

But the big news over the last week has been the photoshoot of our first 'Manhattan' dress. We don't normally just shoot a single dress, rather, we would wait until at least the first four were ready. However, having previewed Grace's sketches a few weeks ago, here in the blog and on a couple of the fabulous blogs out there in 'wedding-cyberspace', we thought it would be a good idea to let folks see that the collection was coming together.

Who else would we get to take the photos, but the multi-talented Mark Archibald. I have to praise him highly because he dropped everything to turn the photos round in a matter of hours before shooting off to celebrate his 'cough-cough' birthday in Marrakesh with the lovely Donna. Hope you are having a lovely time out there, thanks! The images are, once again, stunning. For those of you looking for a photographer, check out Mark's website. Take it from me, you won't be disappointed.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the lovely 'Connie', the first in what we hope will be a very successful collection of 'fifties' inspired dresses. Thanks to, to the lovely Kate Lindsay for scrubbing up so well for the shoot.

Connie, Fifties inspired dress Connie, Fifties inspired dress

What!  We won? Connie, Fifties inspired dress

Connie, Fifties inspired dress Connie, Fifties inspired dress

And what was I doing during the photoshoot? Well what else to Grampa's do best? That's my shoulder there, honest!

Who's that ugly guy behind the camera Grampa?

Today we would like to announce that officially we have 'The Mother of all Sore Heads' !!!

Why, you may ask?

Because last night at the 2010 VOWS Awards, Lindsay Fleming Couture were delighted to be presented with the Award of 'Scottish Bridal Designer of the Year'. We were absolutely thrilled at the award because we can only be nominated if our customers are delighted with the level of service they have received from the moment they step through the door.

So to everyone who made this award so special for us, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

To our customers: It is very humbling to be asked to make a bride's wedding dress, and to have this work culminate with an award, is just the best thing that could happen. The icing on the cake.

To everyone at the VOWS and the Scottish Wedding Directory: Thank you for all the great work you put in over the year to make the evening so special. I'm sure everyone appreciated your efforts.

To all the staff at the Hilton, Glasgow: We had a lovely time, thank you for helping to make the night so great.

And to Mark and Donna from Archibald Photography: Thanks for your support and company last night. Sorry you didn't get a gong yourselves, so we will just need to wait to next year for the big Abington/Crawford double celebration. Can't think what the head might feel like then.

Here a just a couple of snaps from the evening before we head off back to the land of nod.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Grace and David accept the VOWS Bridal Designer of the yYear award. Afterwards with Mark & Donna from Archibald Photography

What!  We won?

Attention lovers of all things vintage in the Yorkshire area!!!

Can we suggest that you pencil in your diary Sunday 27th February, a trip to St.George's Hotel in Harrogate, for the second Harrogate Vintage Wedding Fair. We are delighted to announce that Lindsay Fleming Couture will be attending the fair, and will be bringing along all our Twenties and Fifties inspired gowns.

So if you find it difficult to get along to our studio up here in Scotland why not come along and have a chat.

For details why not visit the Vintage Wedding Fair website.

Click to see a preview of the new Manhattan Collection.

Today we are delighted introduce to you a preview of our 2011 collection of vintage bridal wear. Since the launch of our successful "All That Jazz" collection a year ago, we have been discussing which decade should be the inspiration for our next collection. It really did not take us long to decide that that decade should be the one considered by many as the golden age of couture, the Fifties.

The "Manhattan Collection" is still in it's infancy, consisting at this moment of time of nothing more than a number of sketches, and a few fabric ideas deep in Grace's mind. But then again that is how all of her dresses begin. A few scribbled notes here, a couple of ripped magazine pages there. Somehow out of this will come the designs which will appear on this website over the coming weeks.

For months now, our television has been on constant standby to tape anything with the remotest link to the 1950's, our DVD collection now consists of many of the Hollywood classics from that decade, and the bookshelves have had to be shuffled to make space for design and fashion books picked up from book shops I never new existed.

To catch a preview of the collection click on the image above or follow this link.

Although the collection is at a very early stage, if you would like to discuss any of the designs for your own retro wedding gown, contact a designer. There is no better time than now to incorporate your own ideas into the designs.

Good morning to everyone out there, and a very happy Thursday to you all. Since returning from our holidays a few weeks ago we have been busy trying to get ourselves back up to speed. All the outstanding emails have been answered, the blogs have been published, and the website brought up to date.

I thought today I would introduce all of you lovely visitors to a rather unique wedding website. We pride ourselves in offering brides-to-be something a little different from your 'normal' wedding dress, so when we were approached by Deb Bradley, creator of a brand new website for those looking at arranging an 'alternative wedding', we were intrigued to find out more.

'Gothic by Design' has come about through Deb's frustration and struggle to find any information relating to 'Gothic' weddings on the internet. As she states in the introduction to her blog, "This site has been put together to serve people like you, who are sick and tired of Googling Gothic wedding dresses only to keep getting dragged back to the BHS website!!".

A self confessed 'Goth' since her introduction to Bowie's 'Ashes to Ashes', Deb's obviously has a passion for all things Gothic and it can be seen in the pages of her website. Still in it's embryonic stage, 'Gothic by Design' contains excellent links through to an increasing number of 'alternative wedding suppliers', and a well written and informative blog. "My objective is to develop the site into a hub where those looking to plan an alternative wedding can come knowing they will find a wide range of quality suppliers, in a range to suit any budget."

Emailing Deb's last night to ask her permission to write this article, she told us that she was preparing for the 'Whitby Gothic Weekend', which starts on the 28th of October, to try to raise awareness of 'Gothic by Design'. Hopefully she'll have a successful weekend, but I'm sure after having a look at the Whitby website that she'll have a great time at the festival anyway.

So if you're looking for something a little different from the wedding norm, check out 'Gothic by Design' and say 'Hi' to Deb's for us while you are there.

When your wedding reception is to be held at one of Scotland's top restaurants, which just happens to also be considered one of Scotland's finest examples of original art deco design, then you will probably want to make sure your attire will be it tune with the surrounds. That was Nicole's problem when she decided to hold her reception at Stonehaven's Carron restaurant. Having already chosen her beautiful dress, Nicola wanted to add just a little more 'Twenties' style to her outfit. It was while searching through the internet she came across our 'All That Jazz' collection, and one item in particular caught her attention. Lilian is our calf length coat, perfect for a cold north-east Scotland day.

Nicola's choice of fabric was a sandy coloured silk velvet, rather than our standard ivory, and she was happy to go with only embroidery around the sleeves, leaving the hem of the coat plain fabric. Nicola was good enough to send us some pictures of the wedding a few weeks ago and obviously we are biased, but I hope you agree she looked as if she had just walked off the set of 'The Great Gatsby'.

For more images from Nicola's big day click on this link. Otherwise, you can see more images of our coat 'Lilian' here.

Marianne wearing Lilian Marianne wearing Lilian

Marianne wearing Lilian Marianne wearing Lilian

This morning we would like to introduce you to the latest Lindsay Fleming bride to graciously grant us permission to showcase her wedding day images on our website. What is extra special about Marianne's photos, apart from the fact that she looks absolutely stunning, is that she was our first bride to select a dress from the new 'All That Jazz' collection. The dress Marianne chose was our design 'Gloria'. We hope that you enjoy sharing a small part of Marianne's wedding day. For more images, visit Marianne's page in our client's section.


Marianne wearing Gloria Marianne wearing Gloria

Marianne wearing Gloria Marianne wearing Gloria

In the south-side of Glasgow, there are very few events which top the traditional 'Old Firm' New Years derby. However this year on January the 2nd, with the roar of the football fans rumbling in the distance, 22 overpaid footballers were put firmly in their place. When Fiona arranged the date of her wedding she was obviously not thinking about her mother's lifelong allegiance to one of Glasgow's big two, and the possible clash of dates. Needless to say, the wedding came out the winner and the family partied away the night at the fabulous Sherbrooke Castle, less than a mile from the big game.

Fiona had approached us back in 2009, with a fairly relaxed idea of what she was looking for in a wedding dress. She looked through the whole collection, trying on several of the designs and her choice in the end was 'Orlaith', one of our most popular 'Celtic Spirit' dresses. However, Glasgow can be chilly at that time of year, and unbeknown to Fiona when she placed her order, January 2010 was to be one of the coldest on record. Therefore it was fortunate that she also decided to compliment the dress with our 'Raasay' cape, to keep the freezing temperatures at bay.

To make her dress unique, Fiona asked if she could order the bodice with ivory embroidery and silver piping. Of course this was no problem as all our dresses are made to measure. She also decided on a silver crushed velvet cape with hood and as you can see below, her final choices made quite a spectacular dress.

Fiona wearing Orlaith and Raasay Fiona wearing Orlaith and Raasay

Fiona wearing Orlaith Fiona wearing Orlaith

Since 1753, the tiny village of Gretna Green has been a 'Mecca' for newly-weds from all corners of the globe, and especially for young English couples who wish to marry without their parents consent. There are now around 5000 marriages in the village each year, one in every six Scottish weddings.

To begin with, the focal point for these weddings was the local blacksmith shop, where the blacksmith would carry out the ceremony over his anvil. There are now several venues within the village, all carrying out the traditional 'anvil' service.

At one point in time boys as young as fourteen and girls of twelve were able to be married in Scotland, and Scottish law allowed these 'irregular marriages', as long as there were two independent witnesses, to be carried out by almost any person in authority. Times and laws have obviously change, but you can still be married in Scotland without your parents consent from the age of sixteen.

Late last year we were delighted to be asked to make a wedding dress for Brenda from Doncaster. With her husband-to-be James, Brenda was 'tying-the-knot' at the Mill Forge, and the traditional wedding dress was definitely not what Brenda was looking for. Initially she hoped to find a similar dress locally as she did not feel she would be willing to travel up to Abington for all the consultations and fittings, but once she had seen the dress and found the journey less daunting than she expected, she was happy to commit to a few days out over the next six months. The dress Brenda chose was our ever popular Sabina. Here are a few pictures and more can be found within our clients pages.


Brenda & James at the Kissing Gate in Gretna Green Brenda & James

Here in Abington the autumn days are getting chilly and the memories of last winter are beginning to flood back to haunt us. If you feel the same as we do today then a little splash of summer, French style, should help to cheer you up.

Julie first contacted us this year at the end of May, in the hope that we somehow could fit in a late order for her August wedding. We normally ask for six months minimum, however on this occasion we did have a space in the order book which would suit the her tight schedule. To cut a long, boring story short, we were thrilled a few weeks ago when Julie sent us the above video of her big day in the stunning French countryside. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did.

We are delighted and very proud to announce that Lindsay Fleming Couture have once again been nominated in the category of 'Bridal Designer of the Year' at the Scottish VOWS Awards. Our thanks go out to all of our clients who took the time to cast their vote on the VOWS website, and we will be keeping our fingers crossed that their recognition helps us carry of the award on the 8th of November when the wedding industry gets together for their annual 'bash'.

VOWS stands for Voted Outstanding Wedding Supplier, and is the only award in Scotland which recognises the quality of a company's customer service. Therefore it goes without saying that here at Lindsay Fleming we take the award as a great compliment.

Our congratulations go out to all of the other companies who have been fortunate enough to be nominated for an award, including two 'friends' of Lindsay Fleming, who regularly can be found up within the pages of our website, the fantastically talented 'Archibald Photography', and the magical creation from 'Baba-C'.

VOWS Nominee 2010


It's official! Romance is not dead! Certainly not in the 'Bigger' household, USA.

This summer we were fortunate enough to be contacted by Beth and Stephen from California, who's dream was to travel half way around the world to the beautiful Isle of Mull, and be married at the fantastic Glengorm Castle. Beth had her heart set on a dress which would compliment the rugged Scottish backdrop and stunning garden setting. Meanwhile musician Stephen had his own ideas of how he wanted to look when he married the love of his life.

Living so far away, many brides would never consider buying a dress which they would first touch only a few days before their wedding, but Beth had her heart set on out popular 'Sabina' design, and a few thousand miles was not going to stand between her and her perfect dress. So when she first contacted us, we were able to draw up a plan of action which would mean that the dress would be sitting waiting for her arrival in Scotland, and any minor alterations could be carried out here in Abington, when Beth and Stephen passed on route to Mull. The result was therefore, one perfect fitting dress and one very happy bride-to-be.

So on to the ceremony at Glengorm Castle, and what must rank as one of the most romantic photoshoots we have ever had the pleasure to see in all our years in this fantastic business. We don't know if the the format of the photoshoot was Beth and Stephen's idea, or if photographer Ewan Baxter was the brain behind the whole process, but the resulting images paint a unique picture of a very, very special day. Rather than a series of photographs, each of which capture a single moment from the big day, Ewan's photographs storyboard the entire day as if he was planning the scene from a costume drama. Starting with the grooms journey across the wilds of Scotland, the story unfolds before your eyes and culminates with the two newlywed embracing as the light goes down on the most fantastic day of their lives.

With all their friends and family missing out on the big day, Beth and Stephen felt it only proper to have a celebration on their return to the California, so organised what looked like a very special second celebration at Santa Cruz just south of San Francisco. The one thing we certain of, even from this distance, is that the temperatures would have been a good deal more pleasant than on Mull.

To catch more work from photographer Ewan Baxter, why not visit his website at www.ewanbaxterphotography.com

We hope you enjoy the following images from Beth and Stephen's wedding and subsequent return to the U.S. More images can be seen at our own Clients section of the Lindsay Fleming website.

Glengorm Castle Stephen rides out to meet his bridee

Beth wearing Sabina Stephen arrives for Beth

Beth and Stephen are married Beth back home in California

For many more images from Beth & Stephen's big day, click here.

Hi everyone, today is the start of a mad Lindsay Fleming blog rush! We have been collecting a few topics over the last couple of weeks but just could not find the time to update the website. So this weekend it's all hands to the pumps to get all the latest news out to you guys.

Let's start by introducing you to a very talented photographer. Peter Prior hails from Pavensey in East Sussex and his wedding photography has been described as having "a certain timeless elegance". Winner of over 60 national and regional awards during his career, his achievements include being voted Cosmopolitan Bride Wedding Photographer of the Year, and the SWPP Monochrome Photographer of the Year.

We were introduced to Peter when Lisa Clift, the lovely lady in the following images, asked if she could borrow one of our dresses, Clara, for a photoshoot she was putting together. The venue for the shoot was the impressive Tythe House, Ovingdean which sits just west of Brighton and Peter's spec was to provide images which captured the period elegance of the venue.

For more information on Peter, his services, and to browse through his fantastic website, visit www.peterprior.com. Well worth ten minutes of your time, I can assure you.

In the meantime here are just a couple of the images from the shoot to get your juices flowing. Or why not follow the link to see all the images from the day.

Peter Prior @ Ttthe House Peter Prior @ Tythe House

Peter Prior at Tythe House Peter Prior at Tythe House

One day a few weeks ago we were working away minding our own business, when right out the blue an email from one of our 2008 clients popped into the inbox. Jessica had contacted us late 2007 from New Hampshire, USA, to enquire about our dress 'Heather'. Now almost two years after her wedding we were delighted when she contacted us with details on how to see a short movie of her big day. If you would like to catch a few minutes of Jessica's big day the follow this link.

You can imagine just how surprised we then were a couple of hours later when up popped another email with images from yet another ex-client from the good old 'U.S. of A'. This time the email came from Leslie, who in 2003 had chosen to wear 'Bonnie'. Yes 2003! Seemingly Leslie and husband John were coming over to Scotland and she realised she had never sent any pics of her big day. It really was lovely to see them after all these years.

Leslie, wearing Bonnie Peter Prior @ Tythe House

Leslie, wearing Bonnie Leslie, wearing Bonnie

Just back from an excellent London Roadshow, where we showcased our designs to a number of potential clients at our usual haunt, 'Dolphin House Apartments' in Pimlico. If you have looked at our designs but have been put off by the distance between yourself and our studio in Scotland, then maybe the roadshow would give you the opportunity to come along and see for yourself the truly unique gowns we have on offer.

Our next visit has now been arranged for Friday 12th November through Sunday 14th November, 2010. For further details have a look at our roadshow page.

Why not dig out your diary today and give us a call to reserve a consultation?

This morning we are delighted to introduce you to our very latest bride, and to date, our most special. On Saturday, at Glencaple Parish Church, in the beautiful village of Abington, the lovely Kate Dianne Hall was married to the one Mr. Christopher Douglas Lindsay.

We have known Kate for the last five or six years and when she asked us to make her wedding dress we could hardly refuse. Why? Because we had known the lad she was marrying a little bit longer. Twenty-six years to be precise. The said Mr. Lindsay just happened to be our youngest son.

The loving couple had approached us only a few months ago to say they had set a date and wanted a simple, no fuss, family wedding. Unfortunately for Grace the no fuss part did not extend to the dress. Every time the subject of weddings had been mentioned in the past, Grace had always promised that she would make the dress, so it was now time to make good on the promise.

When it came to designing her dress Kate had some pretty firm ideas. She had searched through a multitude of magazines and cut out her favourite designs, putting them alltogether in very detailed storyboard. She then sat down with Grace and together they sketched, erased, and re-sketched her ideas until finally happy with the end result.

July and August has been a rather busy period at Lindsay Fleming, and as you can imagine, Kate's dress was pretty high up on Grace's priorities. Not having your own daughter-in-law's dress finished in time for her wedding would not be the best way to start off a new chapter in the Lindsay family story. So on the big day, as she walked down the isle then partied the night away, Kate looked stunning in her very own Grace Lindsay/Kate Hall creation. I'm sure that the following snaps from the day help to show just how fabulous Kate looked and what a great day was had by all.

Congratulations Kate and Chris !

The big moment Outside the church.

The Happy parents. The happy couple

The Happy Couple Cutting the cake

The dress The dress

===================================================================================== =====================================================================================

Two years ago, we, that is Grace and David, sold our house at 89 Carlisle Road, which included our studio of 10 years, to move two doors further along the street to number 85. Attahed to this new property was a section which had been used previously as a tea-room but was now lying vacant. This was one of the reasons we moved as the tea-room could easily be converted into a showroom, workroom and office from which we felt Lindsay Fleming could grow.

A quick coat of paint, a screw here, a nail there and Hey Presto! A working studio. The idea of course was that we would suffer the quick fix for a few months and then we would tackle the job again, but spend the time and cash to do the job properly. Well two years later we finally had had enough. So it was on with the old togs, and on a total refit.

Well yesterday we finally cracked open the champagne. Job done! Now we feel that we can talk to clients in surroundings we feel befit the product we sell. So we've taken a couple of snaps just to let everyone see how hard we have been working over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully we can see you here in the near future. The champagne may be finished but we'd love to share a glass of wine with you.

Pic of our new showroomPic of our new showroom



Today we would like to introduce you to the latest member of our 'Celtic Spirit Collection'. Anyone who has been following our designs over a period of time will know that the unveiling of a new Lindsay Fleming dress is a very rare occurrence. When we sit down and begin the process of designing a new dress, the first criteria we try to meet is that the finished gown is timeless. We do not constrain ourselves by looking at what are the latest bridal fashions, fabrics or colours. Our very first designs from 1998 are as popular now as they were when the first were launched.

So it was no different when we sat down and created 'Rohais' with it's simple lines and stunning celtic embroidery. Made from ivory silk duchess satin with an optional silk georgette shrug, Rohais is also adorned with striking Swarovski crystals.

The only image we have at the moment comes from the pages of the Scottish Wedding Directory, so anyone wanting to see more of the dress will have to wait just a little longer. But in the meantime, please, let me introduce you to the very lovely, 'Rohais'.

Rohais, copyright, Cris Blott, SWD


Due to fantastic demand for our September London Roadshow, we are happy to announce that we have now added another day to our trip. We will now be arriving on Thursday 2nd, September, and offering appointments from 4pm that evening, all the way through until late on Sunday night.

Thursday is currently free and we have a couple left on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's beginning to look like you will have to book up soon to catch us this time round, so don't delay.

We predict that today will be a inspirational day for some of you. Why? Because we are about to show you the perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding. You are about to witness the perfect Winter Wedding location, the perfect Winter Wedding weather, and the perfect Winter Wedding photographer. The dress is not bad either, but then we are biased.

Welcome to the wedding of Andrea and Kevin at Ardanaiseig Hotel, near Oban

Andrea contacted us last year looking for a dress which would fit seamlessly into her dream Highland wedding. She had already chosen the location, the shores of the stunning Loch Awe, and the venue, Ardanaiseig Hotel, a luxurious and romantic old country house, and was now on the hunt for a photographer and dress designer.

Ardanaiseig Hotel on Andrea's big day

We don't know if being so close to Archibald Photography swayed Andrea's decision to come and see us, or if was the other way round, but being only a few miles apart, Andrea decided to pay us both a visit. I think the image below certainly proves she made the correct decision about the photographer. Don't you?

Walking towards Loch Awe

The dress Andrea decided on was one of our most popular, Sabina, in ivory with gold embroidery. As her wedding was in the depth of a Scottish winter, Andrea felt it might be sensible to also order one of our celtic capes, Kilda, and to add striking red swarovski crystals to tie in with the colour scheme of the day. I don't know how she knew the weather would be just as it would, but the pairing of the two designs could not have worked out more perfectly.

The bride and groom

As you can see, the weather on the day was perfect. Beautiful blue skies, enough snow to make the scenery even more spectacular, and lovely sunshine to keep the bride and groom warm during the photography. Now how often in Scotland can you expect that specific combination of the elements? At one point during the day we received a text from Mark, to say he was dressed in 'wellies', standing in the loch, capturing shot after shot. "Just wait till you see these photos" he texted, "they are going to be out of this world".

I think I will now leave you to have a look at a few more images at your leisure, and I hope you will agree with my own assessment. Mark, you were correct for once, they ARE out of this world.

Andrae beside Loch AweAndrea wearing SabinaOur perfect Winter Wedding locationThe end of a perfect photoshoot

To see more images from the Andrea's wedding, follow this link.

Back in January we showcased some images from a photoshoot by the very talented 'Jade Starmore'. Jade had contacted us to see if we would be willing to lend her a dress from the 'Celtic Spirit Collection' for a shoot she was arranging with the lovely 'Laura', and as per normal, we jumped at the chance for a fresh set of images to spice up the website.

So it was a 'no brainer' when Jade told us of another couple of shoots she had planned over the spring months, and that she hoped we could help her once again by supplying a few dresses.

The first shot was planned for May, and she told us that she had a rather quirky location in mind. The shoot would once again include 'Laura' as our model, but this time she would have a partner in all the photos. "Good," we thought, "we don't get too many shots with a bride and groom, so it will make a refreshing change." What we did not count on was the fact that the partner in question had four legs, a tail, and stood well over six foot tall. The location was to be an equestrian centre near Renfrew, and Jade planned to take both inside and outside shots. Unfortunately on the day the unreliable Scottish weather dictated the location, and photographer, model, and props had all to move undercover. However that did not stop Jade work her magic, as can be seen in the sample images below.

Laura, wearing OrlaithLaura, wearing Orlaith

To see more images from the photoshoot, follow this link.

Then when we were off on holiday a few weeks ago, we dropped off a few dresses for her next photoshoot. This time the girls manages an out door shoot (remember when we had a few nice days? Hard isn't it), creating some fun theatrical shots for all our portfolios. Jade had also managed to secure the services of the obviously talented 'June Long' to create some amazing make-up. It looks like the girls had a great time as the photos below seem to indicate.

Laura, wearing LorettaJoanne, wearing Arran Laura, wearing Kenzie

To see more images from the photoshoot, follow this link.

Two things to chat about today if you have a couple of minutes. In fact, why not go and pour yourself out a cup of tea, grab a wee biscuit (or cake if you want to splash out), put your feet up, and take a couple of minutes break from your daily chores


OK, here we go then. Firstly, have you looked at our designs over the past while, thought you would like to come and see them, but unfortunately as you live in the south of England and time is your enemy, you just can't get up to Scotland to see us?

Well, if you are free on Saturday 4th September or Sunday 5th, we may just have the answer to your problem. The Lindsay Fleming Roadshow is about to hit 'Old London Town' for its first visit of the Autumn/Winter season. That's right, all our dresses will be jumping into the back of the van and setting off down the M6 and M1 to our usual haunt in Pimlico, to wait there in anticipation of all you lovely ladies popping in to try them on.


OK! How's that cup of tea lasting? Time for a little video? Why not?

Would you like to see our first venture onto the 'small screen'? Just last week we were asked if we would supply a couple of 'alternative' wedding dresses for an article on 'The Hour', STV's 5 o'clock drivetime show. They wanted to show that not all wedding dresses need to be , white, strapless, or meringue.

We were obviously delighted to be of assistance, and early that afternoon we packed up 'Ros' and 'Loretta' to drop them off for their TV debut.

We returned just before the program started (it goes out live each night) and managed to get entry into the studio to watch as it was transmitted. To our horror, when the dresses were moved into position by the crew, one of the feathers on 'Loretta' was damaged. So what did Mr. Editor zoom in on? You got it in one.

Anyway, apart from that, it was a nice little kick to see our dresses on the TV in the studio, and hopefully some good publicity for the company.

For a while, the article is up on the programme's website, so if you have any of that cup of tea left, you might want to have a wee look at the Link below. Promise you won't look at the baldy dress! Thanks!

See Lindsay Fleming on STV's 'The Hour'

Hope you enjoyed your cup of tea and biscuit. We look forward to seeing you back here soon when you next feel a little peckish. Bye!

The last few months have been one of the busiest periods we have encountered over the last few years. So much so, we have found it very difficult to keep everyone up to date on what has been happening within the business. However over the last few days we have made a concerted effort to bring the website up to date, which obviously includes some work to our blog.

There have been a number of goings-on since we last blogged, including a couple of surprise television clips, two photoshoots from our friend Jade Starmore, numerous editorial articles discussing our gowns, and a number of brides kindly sending us images their big day.

So if you want to know all the latest in's and out's, keep an eye on the blog over the next week as we bring you all the latest news.

As a taster of what's to come, we are delighted to share with you some beautiful images from one of last years real life brides. Esther had first contacted us back in 2008 searching for her wedding dress. While looking through our website she had seen images of our latest design, 'Siusan', and decided that it would be worthwhile organising the short trip down from Glasgow where she worked as a nurse.

When she came down for her consultation Esther looked at all the dresses in the 'Celtic Spirit Collection', but in the end 'Siusan' still was her dream dress. We found out that Esther was planning to wed her Green-keeper partner, Donald, on a beautiful beach near her family home in the Isle of Lewis.

As she took away her dress after the final fitting, Esther promised us that she would come back down to see us, and bring along the wedding photos for us to see. Little did we know that before she had a chance to keep her promise, we would actually get a phone call from the editor at 'No.1' magazine, informing us that images from the wedding would be printed in their forthcoming magazine.

When Esther and her Mum came down to see us a few weeks later they were so exited about the wedding, the dress, and the fact that it had made it into the magazine. Esther was also delighted when we asked if she would mind if we showcased some of her images on our blog. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did........

Esther, wearing SiusanEsther, wearing SiusanEsther, wearing Siusan

There are several more delightful images of Esther and Donald's big day within our 'Client' section. If you would like to have a look, follow this link.

Over the past several months I've bored an awful lot of people with constant talk of 'me, me, me', so I thought I would start to introduce a little variety into the blog. There are a lot of people out there who are passionate and knowledgeable about what they write, and we are only too delighted to be able to promote their products or introduce you to them.

One such individual is 'Leigh Maher', owner of online 'Celtic Jewelry Store'. I came across Leigh's website a few months ago and while browsing through the myriad of Celtic inspired gifts, I suddenly wondered if these guys would like to write an article on their field of expertise, to enhance my viewers online experience. I contacted Leigh and he was extremely helpful, offering to write an article for the blog, on the topic 'Finding The Best Jewelry For Your Celtic Wedding Gown'.

So without any further delay, I'm delighted to introduce you to our very first article from a guest contributor,

Finding The Best Jewelry For Your Celtic Wedding Gown

If you’re interested in honoring your Celtic heritage on your wedding day, you may also be interested in wearing a gown that references the history and culture of your people. Today, many brides-to-be opt for stunning, custom-made dresses that capture the romantic spirit of their ancestors. Common design features on the best Celtic wedding gowns include intricate knot work (interlace) embroidery, pretty portrait or scooped necklines, ornate sleeves, and full skirts that offer a touch of medieval beauty…

Finding the perfect Celtic wedding gown can be a pleasure, but accessorizing may seem a little harder. After all, most wedding jewelry sold today is modern, and its “feel” does not necessarily match the most unique and stunning Celtic dresses. If you want to do your gown justice with jewelry that really flatters the lines and details of your gown, there are really only two viable options: vintage jewelry from the time period that inspired your dress design, or else today’s authentic Celtic jewelry designs…

Finding pendants, necklaces, and wedding rings from centuries ago can be difficult and extremely expensive; vintage jewelry is always in demand, and this drives up the price. However, if money is no object, you can look for pieces that were crafted in the times of your ancestors. Antique shops, auctions, and fine jewelry stores that offer vintage designs are your best bests for finding the perfect accessory. However, be aware of some pitfalls here: there are many fakes out there, and it can be difficult to trace the provenance (history) of certain pieces. As well, it can be hard to know whether or not you are getting a good deal on jewelry like this…generally, a lot of education and know-how is required when shopping for vintage jewelry…

Luckily, there is another option. Today’s Irish artisans specialize in creating high-quality, handcrafted rings, necklaces and earrings that honor the past…they use the ancient symbols found on art treasures, stone landmarks, and other priceless remnants of the Celtic past (the Book of Kells is one fine example) to add beauty and meaning to wedding jewelry designs. Since you’re going to wear a gown with Celtic details, there is truly no better match that a pendant and earrings adorned with delicate interlace. They will become the perfect finishing touches to your wedding-day ensemble. As well, they are versatile enough to be worn after the big day…generally, interlace is a symbol of eternity. Each line flows into the next, in a way that is interconnected and never-ending…

Gemstones and pearls can offer added dimension to today’s Celtic bridal jewelry. Often, brides-to-be will opt for a pair of romantic drop earrings (and matching necklace) that feature glittering amethysts or lustrous, teardrop-shaped pearls. The settings of these pieces will often be adorned with silver or gold Trinity Knots – these symbols illustrate the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit, and they date back over six thousand years. For a commitment between you and your true love, this symbol of faith everlasting can be very appropriate…

Some of today’s brides opt for rich purple gowns with dramatic sleeves and hems; for them, amethysts can be the perfect complement to their outfit. The tender violet hue of an amethyst pendant will light up the bride-to-be’s face and flatter the rich, royal purple of her Celtic wedding gown. Emeralds are also a lovely choice for a cream or pure white gown…

For Celtic engagement rings and wedding bands, there are so many great choices. In fact, you and/or your groom can also opt for Celtic wedding bands engraved with warrior shield symbols inspired by the Ardagh Chalice, an Irish war treasure made of precious metals and encrusted jewels. Other options might include a diamond engagement ring adorned with knot work or Claddagh symbols (note: Claddagh symbols are Irish in origin). Choosing a matching set of Celtic wedding rings can also be a great way to expand on the Celtic theme of your wedding…they will make your wedding photographs even more beautiful…

If you’re still in the planning stages of choosing a gown and accessories, making your ensemble truly unforgettable can be easier with wedding jewelry that is truly authentic.  Be sure to look for reputable dealers whose creations are crafted by hand in the Emerald Isle – then, you can be certain of heirloom quality that will give you pleasure for decades to come…

When choosing Celtic rings to match your wedding gown, be certain to do a proper sizing, as you will likely be ordering your jewelry online. Simply trying on rings at a local jeweler and noting the correct sizes is a foolproof and easy way to get the perfect fit. For necklaces, be certain that the length of the chain will work with your preferred bodice.

Leigh Maher is the owner of the online Celtic jewelry store: Irish Celtic Jewels. On his blog, he gives tips and information about all things Irish, including weddings and jewelry.

Just booked the date and venue for the next 'Lindsay Fleming Roadshow'. We will be back at 'Dolphin House' in Pimlico, London over the bank holiday weekend at the end of May. Appointments will be available from 4pm on Friday the 28th, through to 7pm on the Monday.

The last roadshow was a great success, so we expect another well attended event. To be assured of a time and date convenient to your schedule, book early.

We bring along all our designs to the roadshow therefore you will be able to try on the dresses in a relaxed environment, and take the opportunity to ask our designer any questions you may have regarding changes to the design, the fabric or embroidery.

We schedule each consultation two hours apart, so you will have plenty time to relax and enjoy your time with us. Why not bring along a couple of friends or bridesmaids and make it a girlie day out?

A nice little surprise in the 'real brides' section of 'No.1' magazine today. Last summer we had the honour of making the wedding dress for the lovely Esther from Uig and today we were informed that photos from her wedding were in the magazine. Esther, whose wedding was held down on Ardroil beach on the Isle of Lewis, had chosen our design 'Siusan' to wear on her big day.

If you can't wait until we get in contact with Esther to see if she minds us putting some of the images up here on the website, then why not grab a copy of No1. magazine which is out today.

Got an email this morning which sent a wee tingle down my spine. "Would I be interested in supplying a dress for a new film being shot it Boston this Spring?"

Could that possibly be the silliest question of the week? "Off course I would be interested! I can even tell you who I will be wearing at next years Oscars already."

Well you can always dream, can't you? Will keep you informed of any news.

We're back! And we didn't forget any dresses, either on the way down, or the way back. What a great weekend we had. Saw lots of lovely people and hopefully gained a few orders in the process. Unfortunately that's what it is about.

The location for our first roadshow was excellent. 'Dolphin House' even had the 'art deco' look which suited our new 'All That Jazz' collection to a tee. Based in Pimlico, they are only a short tube journey away from the city centre, so all the clients managed to get to us without any trouble.

For continuity, we plan to book the same location for our next visit in May, so keep a look out for dates of our next visit and we hope o see you there.

The big day is almost here! Tomorrow we head off to the bright lights of London for our first ever roadshow. Today will be fun making sure we have everything packed up, with nothing forgotten. Can you imagine if we drive for six hours all the way down south, only to find out that we are away without the dresses? Surely even we wouldn't be that daft. Would we?

Wish us luck!

Last year we started out on a project which aimed to give you, our visitors, a totally new way of discovering the world of Lindsay Fleming. Although we try our best to give you as much information on our designs as possible, using multiple photographs of each design, with as much descriptive information as possible, it is not the ideal way to choose your wedding dress. We obviously hope that you will come along to the studio or our roadshow to actually see the dresses, and to get an idea of the quality of the fabric and the workmanship, there are many people worldwide who just can't manage to do so.

Hopefully a solution is now at hand with www.lindsayfleming.tv, another unique web experience from Lindsay Fleming. The first version of this new website is now ready for viewing, and contains videos of many of our dresses, allowing you to see the 'hang' of the fabric, something not possible with images alone.

www.lindsayfleming.tv is an on-going project, at a very early stage of development, and we look forward to developing it into a extremely effective website for our business.

Just when you think that you have blogged a fine blog, someone comes along and shows you how it should be done.

Step up to the podium, Annabel, owner of 'Love My Dress' which has fast become one of the UK's most inspirational blog sites. If you read her piece on the recent Claridges photoshoot by Julia Boggio, you will soon see what I mean.

And how did she manage to get those raunchy pics?


There are some things in this world worth waiting for. The first day of Spring. A long overdue holiday in the sun. Some may even hopefully say, "my Lindsay Fleming Wedding dress". Well now you can add to that list, photographs from the fabulous Julia Boggio.

Back in February, Julia sent us an email asking if she could please borrow a couple of dresses for a photoshoot she had coming up in the not too distant future. Now I have to admit that I had not seen Julia's work, in fact I had only heard of her in passing. Well obviously we do not hand out our dresses to anyone who contacts us, without first checking out who they are and the quality of their work. One great thing about the internet is that you find a wealth of information in a very short time, so off I went, searching for Julia What's-her-name.

And am I glad that I did!

It was obvious from the first image that this lady was good, nay, great! The wedding portfolio on her website just blew me away. The images explode with colour, and I dare you to spot anyone in the wedding party who is not having fun, fun, fun! I then checked out her new website 'Julia Boggio Studios' and I came across a mouthwatering series of images entitled 'Vintage Boudoir'. I dare you to have a look, it may just change your mind on the style of photography you would like for your big day.

So as the saying goes, It really was a 'no-brainer'. "Of course you can have our dresses Julia. Where is the photoshoot being held?". Well if we hadn't made up our minds by checking out Julia's work, we now were hooked, "Oh, sorry, did I not mention that it's at Claridges Hotel in Mayfair?".

When we were looking at coming down to London for our roadshow, one of the locations we had said would be perfect, was Claridges Hotel. Not only is Claridges one of London's premier hotels, but its art deco decor has enchanted guests for almost one hundred years. We obviously jumped at the chance of photographing our dresses in such an iconic location.

Well, I think you have waited long enough. Julia's team have been hard at work, and I now have in my possession, a set of images to make your toes curl, and your heart melt. Click on the image below for the full monty.............

Claridges photoshoot, by Julia Boggio.

Well? Have you looked at the images yet? If not, why not?

Before i finish, I must also give credit to the fantastic team Julia pulled together for the photoshoot. I'm sure she would say in 'oscar' fashion "I could not have done it without these guys.....".

Photography ~ Julia Boggio
Hair & Make Up ~ Kaz Fernando
Headpieces ~ Edwina Ibbotson, Magpie Vintage, Baba-C, and Jane Taylor Millinery
Menswear ~ Mark Powell Bespoke
Styling ~ Kate Barbour and Sarah Gillman
Flowers ~ Hayford & Rhodes
Shoes ~ Emmy shoes

Apologies to anyone who has noticed that we have been rather forgetful in our blogging duties. We know there are millions, sorry billions, who follow our every word.

We do have an excuse though! We are not long back from our holidays, and it has taken most of the last week to sort through the emails, the bills and the enquiries, just to get us back on our two feet. Sometimes you wonder if it is worthwhile going on holiday.

So what has been happening while we have been neglecting you?

Firstly, we had a fantastic weekend on the 19th and 20th of February, exhibiting the dresses at the Scottish Wedding Show , in Glasgow's SECC. Our new 'All That Jazz' dresses were there to be seen in all their glory, and we were very pleased with the positive comments we received. We hope to be getting some images from the catwalk soon, and will get them up here on the blog as soon as possible.

The show, although pretty hard work, is a great chance to catch up with lots of our friends from across the industry, and the after show soirée, courtesy of 'The Scottish Wedding Directory', is always a real hoot. So thanks again guys, keep up the good work.

Before continuing, just a quick 'hi' to Shona, who came to see us at the show. I hope that 'Kenzie' was everything you had hoped it would be, because you have waited long and patiently to finally see it 'in the flesh'.

Just before we left for our holiday we were delighted to hear from Lizzie, who had been married only a few weeks earlier, and had worn 'Sabina', but in a stunning duck egg blue. We are always delighted to catch a glimpse of your wedding photos, especially if the dress in question is just that little bit different from the normal designs.

Lizzie wrote, "I for one can't thank you enough, the fit was perfect, it was comfortable and the colour was amazing as you can see from the photographs. Everyone has asked me where I got it from, and of course I tell them. You were so helpful and nothing was too much trouble for you, you are extremely talented, I truly felt like a bride. But Dave's face is the one thing I wont get over when he saw me, and the photographer snapped it. I will have it to treasure forever".

The wedding was held at 'The Atholl Arms' in Blair Atholl, Perthshire, and was beautifully captured by Stuart from '1500 Photography' who are based in Glasgow. After having a look at the images below, why not take a trip over to the '1500 Blog' to read just a little more about Lizzie and Dave's wedding.

Lizzie, wearing SabinaLizzie, wearing SabinaLizzie, wearing Sabina

We would like to wish Lizzie and Dave a very long and wonderful married life together, and thank Lizzie for allowing Lindsay Fleming to be just a small, but hopefully important part of that life.

Busy, busy, busy.

We're off tomorrow to the SECC in Glasgow, and the spring Scottish Wedding Show. Hopefully lots and lots of you brides to be have penciled in a trip this weekend to the show, and if you have, we hope you will pop in to have a brief chat. We have eight dresses up on the catwalk, four 'Celtic' and four 'Twenties', and several more on show on stand 408a.

The four new 'All That Jazz' designs will be making their debut and Grace has been working hard over the last few days to create a new 'Celtic Spirit' gown. 'Rohais' will hopefully appear on the catwalk on Saturday and Sunday, so try not to miss it.

They're here! I've just picked up the images from last Friday's photoshoot from Donna down at Archibald Photography. Grace and I are speechless. I thought that the images from the 'House For An Art Lover' shoot were first class, but these new ones from the 'Voodoo Rooms' in Edinburgh are absolutely unbelievable.

To understand just how good they are, you had to be there on Friday to see the challenges Mark faced with the location. Firstly when we arrived we were distraught to see that the fabulous windows which we had been so looking forward to photograph, were all covered with scaffolding and blue netting. The exterior of the building was being refurbished, which of course nobody had told us about. Then we found out that the venue, which we thought was closed until 4pm, was just about to open to the public. You can imagine the picture we had in our minds, because the venue was a pub. Then when Mark saw how dark the inside was because of the windows being blocked, I could see the look on his face.

"This is a disaster", I thought, "How are we ever going to get the images we want, with conditions like this?"

Mark could see the worry on my face. "I've photographed in a lot worse than this. Don't worry, leave it to me."

At that point in time I hadn't the heart to tell him that we had come all the way to Edinburgh, and forgotten one of the dresses !!!!!

So down to business. I'm packed off back to Abington to pick up the missing dress, and the girls start to do their magic on Lois, our lovely model for the day. Once again, their job was to make a 21st century girl look like someone from the twenties, and boy, did they succeed. By the time I returned with the missing dress, two and a half hours later, Lois could have stepped into any of the classic silent films and would have stolen the show.

For the next three hours, Mark and Lois lost themselves in the job at hand, stopping only for a quick change into the next dress. That's Lois, not Mark!

And when you look at the images I have loaded up below, you can see just how great a job everyone did. As I said, we were speechless, so I'm not going to waste time talking about them, I'm just going to let you drool over the pics.

Enjoy !!

Bette, photographed at The Voodoo Rooms, EdinburghBette, photographed at The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

Bette, photographed at The Voodoo Rooms, EdinburghBette, photographed at The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

Loretta, photographed at The Voodoo Rooms, EdinburghLoretta, photographed at The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

Loretta, photographed at The Voodoo Rooms, EdinburghMae, photographed at The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

The latest copy of the unmissable 'You & Your Wedding' dropped on our doormat this morning, and we quickly thumbed through the pages to see if we could find the pic we had been waiting for since long before Christmas. We had packed up 'Greta' for a long trip to St.Lucia, so that she could join a number of other dresses for a fantastic period photoshoot. For those who do not know 'Greta', she is actually a dress. Sorry, this blog gets to me sometimes.

Well today was the day, and we were delighted to find her hiding out on in among the beautiful surroundings of Cotton Bay Village, as expected.

Gloria on her trip to St. Lucia

Had a great day at Òran Mór yesterday, exhibiting a few of the dresses at the Great Western Wedding Fayre in aid of Myasthenia Gravis Association , a charity set up to help fund investigation into the diagnosis and treatment of Myasthenia Gravis, an auto-immune disease which is characterized by fluctuating, sometimes fatal, muscle weakness.

Organiser, Laura, has just sent an email thanking everyone for attending and giving us the fantastic news that she had collected over £3000 for the charity. We would like to take a moment to congratulate her on her sterling effort, and for putting together a great show. We would like to also say thanks to Laura's three lovely girlfriends, Nicola, Kirsty and Laura, who each donned a dress for the duration of the show. Hope your feet have healed.

Thanks too Laura, for the pics of the show. We wish you and your charity all the best and look forward to meeting up at the next show.

Looking down on the show at Oran Mor

If you look up to the top left you can just see Grace hiding behind two of our blushing brides.

Kirsty, Nicola and Laura

Thanks to Kirsty, Nicola and Laura for all your help.

Yesterday I received a couple of disks we had been patiently waiting for, but unfortunately I ran out of time last night to get them up on the website.

The first contained images from day one of our two day shoot down in Devon back in November last year. We had been asked to contribute by Vicky Rowe from 'Vintage Tea Sets', who specialises in vintage china hire and the styling of antique and vintage tableware dating from the 1820s up to the 1950s. Vicky had pulled together a experienced team for the shoot, including the ever-popular photographer Rosie Parsons (www.rosieparsons.com), and make-up by Sarah Brock (www.sarahbmakeup.co.uk). Here are a couple of pics from the shoot. Find the complete shoot here.

Mary in Devon Mary in Devon

Greta in Devon Greta in Devon

The second of the two disks contained the results of our 'off-the-cuff' snowy shoot a couple of Sundays ago. And WOW, was it worth the wait. If you can remember, I dropped in on Mark at Archibald Photography one Saturday afternoon, drooling at the thought of taking a few of the dresses out into the snowy landscape around the 'chilling' Crawford Castle. Of course it did not take much convincing, and we set off the following morning with local lass Karen, into a winter wonderland for a couple of hours of breathtaking fun. I hope you will join me in congratulating Mark and Karen for what are without doubt, some of the most exhilarating shots on the website. See the complete shoot here.

Ros, Crawford Castle

Heather, Crawford Castle Kenzie, Crawford Castle

This morning we received a link to the Evening Times website, and a little article about this weekends Wedding Fayre at Òran Mór. You can't say you don't know about it because we've been bleating on about it for the last couple of weeks. As I've commented in previous posts, the show is in aid of Myasthenia Gravis Association , a charity set up to help fund investigation into the diagnosis and treatment of Myasthenia Gravis, an auto-immune disease which is characterized by fluctuating, sometimes fatal, muscle weakness.

Anyway, back to the Evening Times. We had been involved in a small photoshoot for a publicity photo, but we were unable to say who our second model was. Well, now that it is all over the newspapers, there is no point in keeping it a secret any more. Tracey is the delightful fiancée of Glasgow Rangers star Steven Davis, and the couple are due to be married this summer.

We would like to thank Tracey and Steven for coming in and giving up her their time for a deserving cause. The Evening Times article can be found at http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/editor-s-picks-ignore/steven-s-fiancee-tracey-turns-on-the-style-1.1002302.


Was that a mad weekend or what? Thanks to the fabulous Donna at Archibald Photography, we have had more publicity in 48 hours than we could have hoped for. She hit all the blogs big time with news of our impending visit to the bright lights of London, and I have spent hours thanking everyone who has kindly posted the news on their site.

Over the next few days I will be popping a series of links here on the blog for everyone out there to click on. Not necessary to see our dresses, but to give you the chance to read about what is going on out there in the big world of weddings. There are some really great bloggers out there well worth a visit.

Then to cap off a really busy weekend, Donna sent me the news last night that she had loaded a short 'All That Jazz' movie up onto You Tube. Why not check it out here and give us your comments and ratings. You never know, maybe with your help, Donna can become the next Cameron or Spielberg.

Have you thought about what you will be doing on Sunday 31st January? Remember we will be at the Great Western Wedding Fayre at Òran Mór in Glasgow, in aid of Myasthenia Gravis Association . If you can, please come along to help a very worthwhile charity. You might also pick up that one remaining booking to complete your wedding wish list.

I popped along to the venue this afternoon with a couple of the dresses to help with the promotion of the show. We were delighted when show organiser Laura Ferguson asked if we would mind supplying the dresses for adverts to be sent to the local and national newspapers.

Local photographer Tom Farmer was there to greet me on arrival, and to take me through the plan for the shoot. Tom, from Torrance to the north of Glasgow will also be exhibiting at the show next Sunday, so make sure you stop by his stand for a chat. The whole shoot took no more than an hour, so Tom's next job is to convince as many of the national titles as he can, into giving us some free advertising. Good Luck !

Libbi at the Oran Mor Photo shoot

London here we come!

For several weeks we have been promising further details of our first 'Lindsay Fleming Roadshow', a new service which means if you live within traveling distance of Central London, you can now see your dress, try on a sample, have all your fittings, and take away your finished dress, without the hassle of making your way up to Scotland several times.

The wait is now over as we have now found a suitable location in the Pimlico area of the capital. Using 'Dolphin House Apartments' in Dolphin Square, Chichester Street, will allow us to invite clients to sit with us in a relaxed atmosphere and talk through their requirements. We will have with us, all the old favorites from the 'Celtic Spirit' collection, plus the latest dresses from the 'All That Jazz' collection. There will also be on show four new 'twenties' dresses yet to be unveiled.

Dolphin House Apartments, venue for the Lindsay Fleming Roadshow

The dates for the visit have been set as Friday 26th to Sunday 28th March, 2010. The first available appointment will be 5pm on the Friday, perfect for those finishing work for the weekend, who may not want to come back into town on the Saturday or Sunday. We will then be available from 9am until 7pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Appointments will be two hours apart and are expected to be filled quickly.

We will then be returning to London every two months for further consultations and to carry out fittings for those clients who have ordered their dress.

So why not give us a call on 01864 502522 or drop us an email to book your appointment now.

We have just been asked to exhibit at next Sunday's (31st January) Great Western Wedding Fayre at Òran Mór in Glasgow. Òran Mór is a stunning converted church, sitting at the top of Byres Road in Glasgow's trendy west end, which houses two bars, two restaurants, a nightclub and a superb private event space.

The fayre is being held in aid of Myasthenia Gravis Association, a charity set up to help fund investigation into the diagnosis and treatment of Myasthenia Gravis, an auto-immune disease which is characterized by fluctuating, sometimes fatal, muscle weakness.

Opening at noon and closing at 4pm, the Great Western Wedding Fayre is offering something unique and special for the discerning bride-about-town. We will be attending along with dozens of Scotland's favourite wedding suppliers, and will be available to discuss your wedding dress ideas in a relaxed and leisurely environment. Several of our favourite dresses will be there to see at first hand.

There is a charge at the door of £5, or £15 for four people, but all funds raised will be going directly to the charity.

So why not come along and see what's on offer, and help out a very deserving charity in the process. That's Sunday 21st January, at 12 noon. Hope to see you there.

Grace started working on the new dresses for the second part of the 'All That Jazz' collection. Four new dresses needed for the end of the month. No pressure there, then!

She has also informed me that she plans to make a new version of 'Iona' for the SECC Wedding Show in February, plus a brand new dress for the 'Celtic Spirit' collection.

Won't see her for a while then!

Woke up to an absolutely fabulous morning yesterday (if you don't mind snow, snow and more snow), and while passing 'Crawford Castle' a few miles down the road, I suddenly had the urge to organise a photoshoot out in the snow while the conditions were so perfect.

Crawford Castle the day before the photoshoot

Crawford Castle, the day before the photoshoot.

The River Clyde, a few minutes walk from our studio.

Down on the banks of the frozen Clyde.

Our regular photographer Mark Archibald lives only a few hundred yards away, so I chanced my luck and gave him a call to see if he could help. "You fancy freezing your butt off tomorrow morning for a good cause?", I asked, fingers crossed. How many bottles of wine would it cost was my biggest worry.

"Sure, my only appointment for the day won't be able to get here because of the snow, so I'm free. What have got in mind?

"Well, if I can find someone to wear one or two of the dresses in this weather, you fancy taking some shots down at the castle?"

"You find someone crazy enough and I'm up for it", he replied.

Good point! Where will I get someone at this short notice, who won't mind a couple of hours out in the freezing cold, wearing nothing but a wedding dress and a smile? It will have to be a local lass. There's no time to search for a model and get her here by tomorrow morning.

"Why not try Karen?" said Grace when I ran the idea passed her. "She should be at home tomorrow, is the perfect size, and would look gorgeous in the dresses."

One phone call, and not a lot of coaxing later, and we've got our model. The only thing to do now is prey that the weather does not change between today and tomorrow.

Sunday Morning: Fingers crossed, and a quick peek out the curtains. "Still white", me thinks. "Looks a little duller and certainly more wind, but hopefully we will be OK".

So at 9:00am we head of to Crawford Castle, wrapped up and ready to meet the elements. Mark, God bless him, has been suffering from the dreaded lurge , but he snaps away like a trouper, capturing what looks like some fantastic shots of three of the dresses. Karen, shivers through it all. It can't be easy to stand in this weather, smile, and look as if you are enjoying it all. Me? I've got on my boots, a couple of jumpers, and a big winter coat with a warm hat. So! Why should I be cold as well?

Two and a bit hours later, it's a wrap, as they say. Now we will have to wait a week or two to see the fruits of all our hard work. Hey! I had to do the driving!

Crawford Castle the day before the photoshoot

Mark and Karen hard at work. I was working hard with my very expensive iphone too.

Yahoo, the latest copy of the Scottish Wedding Directory came through the door this morning. We have been looking forward to seeing their photoshoot which included our 'Clara' dress, and once again we are not disappointed. A really moody studio shot has managed to catch the floatiness (is that a word?) of the tulle skirt, and the vibrant golden embroidery.

Once again, a huge 'well done' to editor, Ros, and all her team at the SWD, and to photographer Chris Blott for his usual high standard of photography. The latest edition of their great magazine is on the newsagents shelves now. Grab a copy, you will be amazed at the wealth of information regarding getting hitched in this great country of ours.

Clara in the SWD 2010 Spring/Summer magazine.

Great what you find when you do a bit of tidying up! At the bottom of a great big pile of mag's was last years 'Spring/Summer' Scottish Wedding Directory, and sticking out from between the pages a note which read, "Scan and Update Website".

The subject in question was a dress we have not shown on our website for many a long year. 'Cara', or as it is now known, 'Heather' was the original dress in the 'Celtic Spirit Collection' launched well over ten years ago. When we had the collection re-photographed back in 2008, 'Heather' was looking rather worse for wear, having been carted along to wedding show after wedding show, and tried on by hundreds of prospective customers. At the end of 2008, Grace re-made the dress in the original crushed velvet and sent it along to the 'SWD' for their photoshoot.

So for those who have never seen the dress before, I've uploaded the only photo we have, the one found in the directory. I'll also update the diary, reminding me that we have to arrange for a new shoot of the dress, in order that we can give the poor thing it's own page on the website.

So here we are (drum role..........), Heather.

Laura Photo Shoot, December 2009

At the tail end of last year we joined a rather interesting website which goes by the name of 'Model Mayhem'. This is an absolutely fantastic resource to help find anyone associated with fashion, photography, and modeling. We loaded up a small portfolio of images and very quickly were amazed by the number of photographers and models who indicated that they would like to use our designs in photoshoot's they had planned.

One such member, Laura, asked if she could borrow our 'Janel' design for a shoot she had planned for December, and with the location being Glasgow, we were only too delighted to help out. On the day, another 'Mayhemite' (as the website likes to call them) took some cracking photos. This was the first time we had worked with 'Jade Starmore' from Scottish photographers, 'Towzie Tyke', and we were very impressed with the quality of the final images. I'm sure you will agree that the detail of the fabric has come up brilliantly.

Here are a couple of shots for you bloggers. the full collection of images can be seen here.

Laura Photo Shoot, December 2009 Laura Photo Shoot, December 2009

Last year we had the honour of being approached by 'Laura' from Worcester, who asked us to make the dress for her wedding in October. Due to commitments Laura could not make it to Scotland, but we assured her that this would not be an obstacle, and that we could handle everything using our 'mail order' service, and that she could have the dress she had her heart set on without even leaving her front room.

October has come and gone, but we were delighted last week to receive a small note of appreciation from Laura. I obviously asked her if she minded if we posted her comments and photos on our blog, and she said that she would be delighted.........

"I would like to say how much I was impressed by the personal touch to your service. I felt you were both so down to earth and real on the phone. There was a strong sense of a very caring attitude towards me and the end product. I can't believe it was all done by mail order! My mum (who is in no way any kind of seamstress) just moved a hook slightly on the belt. I still stop and just stare at the pictures."

Thought I would take a moment to recommend to everyone, one of Scotland's finest hotels and restaurants. We have just returned from spending New Year at Balbirnie House Hotel in Fife, and I have to say that the service was first class and the food was outstanding.

I know that as one of Scotland's most respected wedding venues, it is extremely popular and does not come cheap, but is you are looking for a first class hotel, with beautiful interiors and stunning landscaped gardens, this is one venue I would certainly suggest you have a look at.

A 'Happy New Year' to every one out there in cyberspace, from everyone here at Lindsay Fleming Couture. We hope that 2010 brings you everything you hope for, especially if finally this is the year you are getting married.

However before you spend too much time thinking about all your plans for the coming year, just remember this one quote: "He who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool."

Enjoy 2010 !

Over the next few days I plan to do nothing to this blog. You see there is a small matter of Christmas on the horizon. Actually not so much as on the horizon, more like 'staring me right in the face, shouting "HAVE YOU WRAPPED YOUR PRESENTS YET?". Wrapped them? I haven't even bought them yet. I can't have Grace taking out her bad mood on some poor brides dress just because I did not have the time to do a few hours shopping.

So from all of us here at Lindsay Fleming, it's good night and have a very merry Christmas when it comes, and if (there's a good chance of it happening) I do not return before the new year, have a wonderful and prosperous New Year.

We are delighted to announce that Lindsay Fleming will be visiting London this coming March. This will give us the opportunity to show our designs and talk to clients in a relaxed atmosphere, without those clients having to make their way up to Scotland. For many years now we have offered clients our unique and successful 'mail order' service if they find that they cannot visit our studio, but understandably most would rather see the dress first hand, before they make up their mind and part with their hard earned cash. This new service will allow the client to visit us at a city centre address, where they can try on sample dresses and discuss their requirements with one of our designers. Our plan is to eventually make this trip every six to eight weeks, to offer consultations to interested customers, and conduct fittings with those who may have already ordered their dress.

This new service now means if you live within traveling distance of Central London, you can now see your dress, try on a sample, have all your fittings, and take away your finished dress, without the hassle of making your way up to Scotland several times.

Dates and venues are not yet finalised, however as soon as we have any news, the details will be posted on the website at www.lindsayfleming.com/roadshow.html

What a nice surprise this morning when Keverne, our ever reliable village postie, brought us the latest copy of the brilliant 'The Best Scottish Weddings'. If you're getting married in Scotland then make sure this is one of the mags on your list. Out every three months, it is packed full of hints and tips, articles, and suggestions to make your big day even better. Visit their website at www.thebestscottishweddings.co.uk/', if you can't wait to get your hands on a copy of the magazine.

Best Scorrish Weddings, winter 2009.

If you can grab a copy of the mag off the newsagent's shelves, turn to page 23 for a couple of LF 'All That Jazz' photo. If you're planning a vintage wedding you may also see a couple of accessories which might tickle your fancy.

1920's Flapper Article from Best Scorrish Weddings.

There are also a few photos from the SSEC Catwalk back in September in the 'Catwalk' section of the mag.

Lilian/Mary at the SECC, September 2009 Clara at the SECC, September 2009 Greta at the SECC, September 2009

Had a lovely email from Annabel from 'Love My Dress', an excellent blog for anyone looking for some vintage wedding inspiration. Actually her site is well work a visit for anyone planning any kind of wedding, whether themed or not, and is beautifully written and packed with a tremendous variety of 'weddingy' things. Annabel is obviously working hard at her new project as there is hardly a day goes by when she has not managed to so source some more interesting articles, website's or wedding gossip. Why not skip over there just now and catch a little wedding cheer (but don't forget to come back!). 'Love My Dress' by Annabel.

Home again, after one very long, very wet, very scary journey last night. Don't see us venturing out from the office for a few days. Had a call from Vicky to say that she had a few images from yesterdays shoot. Not many of our dresses at the moment but I'll pop them on the blog anyway.

Devon photoshoot 23/24 November, 2009 Devon photoshoot 23/24 November, 2009

We are so looking forward to seeing not only the finished Lindsay Fleming images, but hopefully some cracking shots of the 'Vintage Tea Sets'. here are a few in the meantime.......

Devon photoshoot 23/24 November, 2009 Devon photoshoot 23/24 November, 2009

A big thanks to everyone who helped to bring this weeks shoot together, namely:

Photography: Rosie Parsons @ 'www.rosieparsons.com', Make-up: Sarah Brock @ 'www.sarahbmakeup.co.uk', Hair: Becky Simpson, Flowers: Bella & Fifi 'www.bellafififlowers.co.uk', and Julie @ 'www.floriture.com', Venue: 'Combe House Hotel', and finally for all her hard work arranging the whole shoot, Vicky Rowe @ 'Vintage Tea Sets'.

Yesterday we jumped into the car and headed out onto our 'first class' motorway system, destination: the beautiful county of Devon. A few months ago we received a phone call out of the blue from Vicky Rowe, of 'Vintage Tea Sets'. She had seen our 'All That Jazz' collection on the 'Archibald Photography' website (that's another pint I owe that guy), and she wondered if we would be interested in supplying some dresses for a photoshoot she was planning in the future. Of course, being the helpful people you all know we are "cough, cough", I was only too glad to look into the possibilities (nothing to do with the wee trip down to the sunny south - see later for the truth).

We had a look at Vicky's website and were really impressed with the unique service she offers. For anyone looking to hold an era-themed wedding, event or even barbeque, we would definitely recommend having a look at 'Vintage Tea Sets'. They are based in Bristol but offer their services up and down the country.

Vintage Tea Sets, Bristol

So here we are, one day, and one grueling motorway drive later, standing in one of Devon's most beautiful private residences, surrounded by model, photographer, make-up, florist and Vicky. Time to make a hasty retreat, leave it up to the professionals, and take in some of this great weather I had been looking forward to........

Would have been better if we had brought our waders. 'Plan A' was out the window, so it looks like 'Plan B' will have to be put into action. For those of you who have not sussed out what 'Plan B' is, then you obviously have never been out with a Scot.

Tuesday Morning, note to self........"You know that you always regret Plan B in the end".

So today we need to head out to 'Combe House' in Gittisham, near Honiton, to pick up the dresses and drive back home. If ever you are down in Devon looking for a place to stay, and have a 'few bob' to spend, then this is a place to consider. Mind you it's not cheap, but it certainly looks the part and I can certainly see why Vicky chose 'Combe House' for her photo shoot.

A quick thank you to Vicky for asking us to participate, and we're off on the long drive home. The photos should be ready in the next few weeks, so as soon as we receive them, I will get them up on the blog for all to see.

Can someone please turn down the volume, the world is just a little too loud today for my liking. I now know what the 'VOWS' awards stand for....... Very hungOver Wedding Supplier.

Unfortunately we can't even blame today's condition on champagne, as we did not quite match last years success by winning another award. Never mind, as I always say, being recognised by our clients is more than enough praise for Grace and I. Winning is a bonus. So thanks everyone, we appreciate your support.

So back to last nights festivities. As usual we had a great time at the Hilton in Glasgow, starting with the cocktail reception for all the nominees. It's a great place to catch up with people we only normally see when we are busy working at wedding shows, and gives us time to chat outside of the normal work environment. Then it was into the Grand Hall and few songs from the fantastic 'Red Hot Chilli Pipers'. if you have not heard these guys, check them out at MySpace.

The compare for the evening was Scottish comedian Craig Hill, who kept us entertained while fighting to be heard above the growing excitement as winner after winner were announced. The biggest surprise for the night was the appearance of the SOS Secret Opera Singers, who having told us they were the head waiter and chef, burst into a rendition of 'Nessun Dorma' and several other operatic classics. Later after the meal, the highlight of the night at our own table was the award given to our good friends, Mark and Donna from Archibald Photography. As one of eight companies nominated in their section, it was no surprise to Grace and I that the award when announced went to them. Not only is Mark a fantastic photographer, but both guys are so driven by customer care and attention, I can assure you that couples will not regret booking them for their big day.

Yum Yum! The most exciting thing to happen at our table !

Mark and Donna with their Vows Award. Only joking guys! Well done to both of you.

Once the music began we sneaked out for a wee photo or two in the bar. Honest! We would have had more photos but my automatic camera had Mark beaten. Thought he was a professional?

The Lindsay's about to drown their sorrows. The Lindsay's are about to drown their sorrows.

Don't cry, there's always next year. The smartest you will see us look all year long.

Don't cry, there's always next year. Just to show there are no hard feelings.

So by my reckoning, we have only another 364 days to go before we can all get together again for another great night out. See you all there again next year.

We had a lovely surprise earlier this week when yet another of this years brides contacted us with a photo from their wedding. During the making of her dress, Katherine was delighted to come all the way up from Gloucestershire for each one of her fittings. She commented, "The dress was brilliant on the day :) I was so pleased I'd chosen to get my dress from you, and many people said that it was a dress that was very 'me'".

We wish you and your husband all the best for your future life together, and look forward to seeing you again the next time you pass through Abington.

Katherine wearing Sabina

Good morning everyone and welcome to November. Hope you all had a great Guy Fawkes night (for anyone not from the UK, click to see what I am talking about). Got a few pics from last Friday nights fashion show in my email box this morning, so I thought we might share a couple of them with you. It looked like everyone was having a good time apart from poor Grace, who ended up missing the whole thing because she was in the back dressing the models.

Now, she only had to ask !!!!

Have not heard yet how much was raised on the night for charity, but when I hear I will let you all know.

Clara seen at Frasers Charity Night Clara seen at Frasers Charity Night

Greta seen at Frasers Charity Night Mary/Lilian seen at Frasers Charity Night

See Lindsay Fleming's 'All That Jazz' collection on the catwalk at 'House of Fraser' charity night in aid of Royal Marsden Cancer Care Unit for Children and Teenagers.

On Friday the 30th October, why not join us at Glasgow's prestigious "29 Private Members Club" for an event filled evening in aid of this worthwhile charity. Starting at 7:30pm the evening consist of bridal and party fashion shows compared by Clyde 1. There will also be live music, a silent auction, a raffle, goody bags, and DJ.

Tickets cost £10, with all money collected going to the charity.

Plus, any future customer who attends the charity night and then goes on to buy a dress from us, we will donate £100 to the charity.

It's catch-up time today. Over the past year some of our lovely brides have sent us some wonderful photos of their big day. However, due to other priorities I have been somewhat slow in getting around to putting them up on the website. So, to all who sent me their precious pics, please accept my apologies for the delay, and you should find them in our 'clients' section now.

Below are a few of the images loaded. Click on the image to go directly to the client's page.

Annette wearing Sabina Fiona wearing Skye Gaenor wearing Sabina Ruth wearing Orlaith Sharron wearing Bonnie

Morning all! It's been a couple of weeks since our last blog so it was good today to receive an email from Laura which had a couple of snaps from her wedding on the 3rd of October. In her email Laura was kind enough to say ".... the dress was so amazing! I couldn't believe it! Absolute dress of my dreams. People kept comparing me to lord of the rings heroines!".

It was lovely to finally see a picture of Laura as her dress completely 'mail order', meaning she never came to our studio for any consultations or fittings. Laura's dress choice was Sabina but with chiffon sleeves.

Laura wearing Sabina Laura wearing Sabina

Been in a 'must learn something new' frame of mind today, so I've spent a few hours finding out just how we could use some of the 'Social Networking' sites out there, and get a few more people finding out about Lindsay Fleming. I've been told for a while that we should have a 'Facebook Page' and start 'Twittering'. All double dutch to me but, hey, so was email many years ago.

So I've spent a few hours and thrown up a pretty basic Facebook Page. Most of the stuff I've loaded is already in this here website, but I hope to get it moving along soon. So if your not a 'fan' of our facebook page, and you fancy being one, we would love it if you could click below and then click the 'become a fan' button' on the page.

We were delighted to receive a call from Donna Marshall at Archibald Photography this morning. As you may or may not know, we have been lucky enough to have Mark Archibald take the majority of the images on this website, including the recent photoshoot for our 'All That Jazz' collection. Well it seems that Mark has achieved yet another award for his outstanding photography, a Gold Award at the SWPP monthly competition for September. The SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) has judging each month in a wide range of categories and each Gold Award winning image goes through to the final end of year judging for the overall award in each category.

Mark's award winning image from our recent 'All That Jazz' photoshoot

The image chosen by the judges was one from our latest shoot, showing the lovely Lauren Tempany sitting at the ornate piano in the 'Music Room' in Glasgow's 'House For An Art Lover'. I'm told that a Gold Award is deemed to be an “image of the highest standard” and will be published in Professional Imagemaker magazine. I tried telling Mark that he wouldn't have won it without a 'Lindsay Fleming' dress in his photo.

So, congratulations Mark, keep up the excellent work.

Oh, I almost forgot the other thing that happened today......

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

Today we received the fantastic news that we have been nominated for an award at the fifth annual 'Vows Awards' in Glasgow later this year. We have been fortunate enough in the past to have been nominated four times out the last five years, and to have gone on to win the award for 'best bridal designer' on a couple of occasions.

Our goal has always been to offer a level of service even higher than that expected by our customers, and we hope that this nomination goes some way to proving that we have once again succeeded in accomplishing that aim. We can now look forward to an enjoyable evening with out friends in the industry, on the 9th of November at the Glasgow Hilton, where we will keep fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

The great thing about the 'Vows' is that it recognise's the views of the tens of thousands of brides and grooms married over the last twelve months, without whom we would not have a wedding industry in Scotland.

So finally, a huge thank you to all our brides who took the time to register their vote, as without your support we would no doubt have failed to receive our nomination. I promise we will raise a glass, or two, to toast you on the night. Check out the blog entry for November 10th, for pics and news from the big night.

Things just keep happening at the moment. We must slow down because I'm spending more time on this blog than on anything else.

Today we are delighted to announce the launch of www.lindsayfleming.tv

Our aim is, as ever, to give visitors to Lindsay Fleming as much information about our products and services as possible, therefore this new website will run in conjunction with www.lindsayfleming.com, offering a completely new way to see or designs and keep up to date with latest news.

With our friends at Spotlight TV, we now give you the chance to look at a series of online videos, allowing you to see the dresses being modeled. Since starting our website over ten years ago we have believed that photographs only give the viewer part of the picture, and when the technology became available, that we would improve the experience by letting you see the gown in motion.

The site will also offer up to date news, information on how to order a dress from Lindsay Fleming, plus much, much more.

The new channel is still in its infancy and will develop over the coming months, but in the meantime please feel free to click on the link above, for a new experience in bridal website's.

After checking out the new site, we would love to read your comments.

SUCCESS! We made it through the weekend with no casualties. Many thanks to all who took the time to come over to talk to us, especially the lady from Virginia who has been waiting for years to see the dresses up close. Sorry I can't remember your name but hopefully we will talk again.

Grace was 'up-to-high-doe' about the new collection, and how they would appear on the catwalk. So it was up to me to go in and watch the first show, then report back with the news. I have to say, they looked fantastic. Ok, I'm biased, but when you have been watching them evolve from a simple sketch to a finished dress being modeled under the bright lights of the SECC catwalk, then you are allowed to get carried away. Aren't you?

So here are just a few of the images from the big day. Our thanks go to 'John McPake, The Big Picture' for allowing us to showcase them here.

Clara at the SECC Gloria at the SECC Greta at the SECC Lilian coat & Mary dress at the SECC

Hope that I can get some more images soon. If I do, then I will create a page just for the show. Keep your eyes peeled.

Things are happening thick and fast this week. Last month Grace was interviewed by a reporter from the excellent magazine, 'Dumfries & Galloway Life'. The magazine contains articles relating to events, businesses, people, etc, based in and around the south of Scotland, and being only a few miles from the D&G border, we were asked if we would like to contribute to the October issue.

So this morning before flying off to set up the stall at the SECC, a copy of the mag dropped through the letter box. I've checked the website and at the moment there is nothing in place on-line. If anything appears then I will certainly update the blog immediately.

We can't put it off any longer. As the saying goes, 'the show must go on'. Or at least the stand needs to be built or else the show won't go on.

Back from holiday and straight into getting ready for the Scottish Wedding Show on Saturday. But before then a small matter of getting one of the new collection out to the organisers of the show for their press call. Seemingly all the newspapers and some TV channels will be there. Must keep an eye out tomorrow for any news.

A lovely surprise in today's inbox. This year we were asked by Kimmy Hurenkamp from Veenendaal in The Netherlands, if we would make her dress for her wedding in August to her fiancé, Marcel. Kimmy actually made her way over to Scotland on two occasions, firstly to try on Orlaith, the dress she had fallen in love with, and then when it was completed, to collect it and take it back to Holland for the big day.

So wedding now in the past, Kimmy decided to send us over a few memories of her big day.

Kimmy wearing Orlaith Kimmy wearing Orlaith

Thank you both. We wish you all the best, and look forward to seeing you again here in Abington sometime soon.

Only two days since the shoot and Mark has turned up at the door with a disk. You see we're off on holiday on Wednesday and we have to choose the images we want for the brochures for the SECC.


We can only thank everyone once again for a great job on Wednesday. The images are just perfect. Exactly what we were looking for.

To catch an early glimpse of the dresses, have a look at www.lindsayfleming.com/allthatjazz.html. For more information on the collection, drop us an email or call 01864 502522. I will endeavor to update the website before the end of September (off on holiday then wedding show), to give more images and details of the gowns. Or why not come along to the Scottish Wedding Show, stand 412b, on the 19th and 20th September and catch the dresses live on the stage.

Today is the 22nd of September, 2009, and for the last four months we have been promising ourselves that we should add a blog page to the web site. Well today I finally got round to having some time to kick the whole thing off.

Nothing much is happening today (apart from this new blog page), so let's go back in time, about six weeks to the biggest thing that has happened at Lindsay Fleming for quite a while..........

Having concentrated on our 'Celtic Spirit Collection' for many years, we felt it was time to offer a completely new style of dress. So Grace has spent the last couple of months sketching new ideas, sourcing wonderful fabrics, and sewing her poor fingers to the bone, with the hope that she can pull together four new dresses in time for the 'Scottish Wedding Show' on the 19th/20th September. Her vision, to create a collection of classic 1920's dresses, inspired by top designers of the day, such as 'Coco Chanel' and 'Paul Poiret'.

So confident am I that she can pull it all off, I go ahead and book all the key players for a photoshoot on 12th August. We need a photographer, a venue, a model, make-up and hair stylist, and some headdresses or tiaras to compete the image. Thankfully there are 24 hours in a day because the last of the four dresses only comes together with a matter of hours to spare. And our Autumn 2009 collection, 'All That Jazz' is born.

So here we are, the day of the shoot and all the players turn up at Glasgow's 'House For An Art Lover', the house designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for a competition back in 1901, and the perfect location for the new collection to be photographed. The cast, an invertible Who's Who of the cream of Scotland's wedding suppliers (that should give me a few quid off the next invoice) get to work, firstly turning the beautiful Lauren into a picture perfect twenties film star, then to the task of photographing the images and capturing the style and glamour that made this the decade of fun and frivolity.

Four hours later and we all depart, job done. Now we wait, breath baited!

Many thanks to all who helped today, we could not have done it without you.

Archibald Photography - Photography
Ainsley M - Make-up
Volume Hair - Hair stylist
Baba-C - Headdresses
House for an Art Lover - Location
Lauren Tempany @ The Look - Model