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Celtic, Medieval & Vintage Bridal Designs

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Collection of Gents Attire

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One of the most common question we are asked is, "Now that I have decided on my celtic wedding dress, have you any suggestions as what what my boyfriend can wear?". In short, in our opinion the ideal outfit for the husband-to-be is a kilt. Have a look through the client section and you will find that a large percentage of the grooms are 'dressed to thrill', in traditional highland wear. Here at Lindsay Fleming, we do not consider ourselves to be gents tailors, and we would not offer to make a complete grooms outfit. We are however, always prepared to work with the bride to design some part of the grooms outfit to compliment our dress designs. So if you are looking to add just that little bit of originality to your wedding, contact a designer to discuss your requirements.

To discuss other options, contact a designer.

Style 401, Jacobean shirt

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