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Heather © Lindsay Fleming.

The year was 1997, and the 'Best Picture' at the previous years Oscars was Mel Gibson's epic, Braveheart and more and more couples were introducing something into their wedding day to celebrated their Scottish heritage. We were asked by a client from the U.S. if we would consider designing a dress which would capture the land of her ancestors. A dress which would be unlike anything she could purchase in the bridal shops. A dress, no modern bride had ever worn before. Heather, and eventually the complete 'Cetic Spirit Collection' evolved from this one request.

We were keen to use a fabric which was not a standard choice for a wedding dress. We looked for a fabric which conveyed the impression of warmth, a handy addition to any Scottish wedding, yet looked sleek and stylish. Our decision was to use stunning crushed rayon velvet, a material which shimmers as it moves, as well as helping to keep out the cold winter chills. To add a touch of delicate class, we added intricate celtic knot embroidery around the cuffs and neck, and down the front of the dress from neck to hem. The dress was laced at back and had a beautiful 18 inch train draping behind. To give the dress an extra sparkle, Swarovski AB crystals were sown throughout the embroidery.

By 2008, when the complete 'Celtic Spirit Collection' was re-photographed, the sample dress of Heather had seen better days and we decided that it should be dropped, to be brought back to life at a later date. Now in 2010, we are delighted that it has re-appeared in the pages of our website, fresh and just as alluring as ever. Welcome back!

As with all Lindsay Fleming designs, Heather can be changed to suit your own taste. To discuss options available contact a designer.

Made to Measure: :when clients visit our studio for all fittings £1,800

Mail Order: :when clients cannot visit for all fittings £1,700

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