How CCTV Cameras Can Improve Your Security Systems

When it comes to security, you should only get the best and latest systems available such as the sophisticated IP CCTV for commercial and government buildings. They serve not only as a way to monitor human traffic in the building, but they can also augment the other limitations in existing security and emergency systems in ways you thought were only possible in movies and TV shows.

Along with the CCTV system, you might also want to look into installing a biometric door access. This makes any office entry secure and monitored, since you have to unlock an electromagnetic lock with fingerprint in your Singapore office. This gate security system grants access only among authorized personnel.

How CCTV Works

A CCTV system works in a very simple fashion. A security camera is connected to a DVR or NVR where the security personnel can view the footages in real time or review them for evidence. It is different from a standard television because the CCTV system can show wired or wireless transmissions, unlike televisions with broadcast signals sent to the public channels.

Most CCTV camera also have infrared LEDs that act as sensing devices which detect the ambient lighting levels such as brightness and then converts these signals into numerical values. If the office uses a modern IP camera for example, the network connection will route the captured images to the monitors for remote monitoring and it also has a software that monitors the activities and sends an alert if there is something suspicious going on. The CCTV can also be operated manually to pan, tilt, or zoom cameras as well as rerun recorded footage.

The basic components of a CCTV system, regardless if it’s analog or IP CCTV are security cameras, cables, video recorders, storage unit such as a hard disk, and display units. The CCTV camera can be analog, digital, wired, or wireless, while the video recorders that store and record the surveillance can be digital or network type. The had disk is where the captured videos are stored and are connected to the video recorders, but these are slightly different from the hard disks used in personal computers because they are designed solely for surveillance.

To add further security in your CCTV system, pair it with an intercom system to help you keep track of office activities. Consult a commercial biometric and CCTV service company in Singapore to help you with an installer for office door intercom system. This keeps door access secure and safe among staff and other authorized people.

Analog Versus IP CCTV

An analog camera is slightly different from an IP camera because the method of transmission is different. The analog camera transmits video signals through analog or electrical signals through the coaxial cables to the digital video recorder where they are directly connected, while the IP camera used for IP CCTV turn the video signal into IP packets and use the local area network to transmit the data to the network video recorder. In simpler terms, the IP CCTV is the digitized version of the basic analog CCTV system.

Although the analog camera for basic CCTV setups seems practical for small offices, the IP camera for IP CCTV systems can produce high-quality images, is not prone to distortion and interference, has a unified cabling system, is powered through the same network, is manageable, and comes with many different features such as direct view, automatic alert, and video analytics. A simple office camera, however, can still be very useful for small shops that need only a maximum of four analog cameras and will not need to install distant cameras.

Benefits of a CCTV System

Most modern buildings in Singapore have one security measure in place, and the most popular choice is a security camera or an office camera which monitors the people coming in and going from the employees. Other benefits of the CCTV camera include the following:

  • A closed-circuit television system or CCTV will deter criminal activity because the security personnel will be able to monitor the office premises constantly
  • Installing an office camera will allow employers and security personnel to monitor employee activities
  • A security camera will also provide a sense of peace and security among the residents or occupants of the building
  • The IP CCTV surveillance can also help collect evidence in case there are disputes and crimes within the building vicinity
  • Disputes and other events outside the building can be monitored even when they have nothing to do with the residents, employees or occupants of the building
  • The surveillance from the CCTV system can serve as records for future use

CCTV systems in Singapore such as the IP CCTV with networking capability also has the following security benefits: remote control and viewing from any connected device or camera, IP storage for better accessibility, quicker distribution of images to security personnel or authorities, and connectivity to the email and other systems for instant alerts and messages.

CCTV and Other Security Systems

There are three types of security systems used in most residential complexes, offices, industrial firms, government agencies, hotels, and other commercial buildings and public spaces in Singapore such as self-monitoring, monitoring, and local security. Most of these systems rely on an alert or alarm system that notifies security and the police to take action.

With the improvements in technology used for surveillance such as the use of IP cameras in CCTV systems, it is now possible to use gather evidence and other forensic tools after the event has occurred. While most security and safety systems were designed to elicit fast response from authorities when the crime or disaster happens, the CCTV can also be used to monitor the ongoing event and to collect evidence after the event.

This means that the CCTV system can be integrated with other monitoring systems such as alarms, monitoring devices, and access control. More sophisticated CCTV systems that include motion detection, object-recognition, and facial recognition are all intelligent video algorithms available in high-tech IP CCTV systems used in public spaces. These are helpful in identifying possible threats even before they happen or pinpointing possibly suspicious people before they can fulfill their intentions. The CCTV system therefore, should not be considered a separate system if you want to improve security, but an integral part of the overall surveillance system.