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Scottish Bridal Designer of the Year at the Vows Awards 2006, 2008 & 2010

Celtic, Medieval & Vintage Bridal Designs

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Laria © Lindsay Fleming.

Laria is a spectacular one piece dutchess satin silk dress lined in silk haboti, with unusual celtic embroidery on the neck, sleeves and belt, and lavish celtic embroidery around the hem. The off-the-shoulder bodice laces up the back and has a second inner sleeve.

As with all Lindsay Fleming designs, Laria can be changed to suit your own taste. To discuss options available contact a designer.

Made to Measure: :when clients visit our studio for all fittings £2,300

Mail Order: :when clients cannot visit for all fittings £2,200

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Laria Laria Laria Laria
Laria: Close-up of embroidery on neck. Laria: Close-up of front. Laria: Close-up of embroidery on neck. Laria: Close-up of embroidery on neck. Laria: Close-up of embroidery on belt. Laria: Close-up of embroidery on shoulder. Laria: Close-up of back. Laria: Close-up of lacing on back of bodice. Laria: Close-up of embroidery on cuff.

© Lindsay Fleming, 2008