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Scottish Bridal Designer of the Year at the Vows Awards 2006, 2008 & 2010

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Rowan © Lindsay Fleming.

Rowan, is a delicate one piece dress and matching bolaro, trimmed with narrow celtic embroidery. The dress has a very full fishtail skirt and a thick band of embroidery around the bust. A thin belt has the illusion of being attached to the embroidery on the bolero, which also has thin embroidery around the edge.

As with all Lindsay Fleming designs, Rowan can be changed to suit your own taste. For example many clients have preferred to have their dress made with silver or coloured embroidery. To discuss this and other options available contact a designer.

Made to Measure: :when clients visit our studio for all fittings £1,980

Mail Order: :when clients cannot visit for all fittings £1,880

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Rowan Rowan Rowan Rowan
Rowan: Close-up of front. Rowan: Close-up with bolero. Rowan: Close-up of belt. Rowan: Close-up of matching bag. Rowan: Close-up of skirt & belt. Rowan: Close-up of back with bolero. Rowan: Close-up of back without bolero. Rowan: Close-up of lacing and embroidery on back.

© Lindsay Fleming, 2008